Asemio is a social enterprise working at the intersection of software and social good. We maximize insight generation for community impact through building technology infrastructure and takes a privacy-first approach to data collaboration.

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Case Management Software 101

“Ultimately, a data system designed to support daily functions like these can streamline your team’s workflow, making it easier to focus on doing the work and generating greater positive results.”

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Secure Data Sharing for Direct Service Providers

“Risk will always be present when it comes to data collection, even if that data never leaves your organization. Instead of trying to eliminate risk, we recommend mitigating risk by combining technology, process, and tools to develop a trust-based culture guided by shared priorities. “

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Aaron Bean & Jessica England of Asemio Decoded

Episode 4 of Asemio Decoded with Amy O’Hara

This Week on Asemio Decoded: Data & Technology with Georgetown’s Dr. Amy O’Hara This week on Asemio Decoded, we sat down to talk with Dr. Amy O’Hara of the Massive Data Institute at Georgetown University. MDI’s aim is to improve public policy and decision-making through modern data and computing power. Dr. O’Hara is a data […]