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Asemio Decoded Halloween Special: Ghost in the Machine

Asemio Decoded Takes on Artificial Intelligence for Halloween

It’s taken less than half a generation for our society to become intensely digitized. The lines between our biological, digital, and physical worlds have become acutely blurred. In what technologists have coined the fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence (AI) is more often than not the driver behind our purchases, our exposure to certain kinds of information, and even how we perceive our surroundings. 

So what is AI? And have humans’ ability to develop intelligent software become so advanced that our creations could assume some level of consciousness? 

Our hosts, Aaron and Jess, introduce us to three individuals to discuss the subject in this deliciously spooky Halloween special.

The Mystery of Consciousness Itself

consciousness image for halloween episode

If you seek the wisdom of technologists on the possibility of AI consciousness, you’ll probably find diverse opinions. They range from the belief that a well-programmed computer is a ‘mind’ within its own right, to believing true consciousness will likely never be possible for a machine.  The debate can be difficult to follow partially because the question of what consciousness is remains open, as two of our guests, Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar and artist Grace Grothaus, point out

New studies are challenging our notions of a self-aware mind. Recent discoveries suggest that plants may be conscious in ways we’ve yet to understand. Our growing understanding of the animal kingdom is dismantling our old ideas of what we thought were uniquely human experiences.  
If you want to hear more about artificial consciousness, hear straight from our AI, Mio.

Ghosts in the Machine?

Our final guest is Lakota spiritual leader Hermus Lonedog. He gives us insight into how technology and AI have impacted his community. His stories leave us with the timeless wisdom of what happens when we get consumed by technology we don’t truly understand. 

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