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Season 2 Premiere of Asemio Decoded with Lucie Doll | Listen Now

Asemio Decoded is back for Season 2 with a lineup of new guests, new topics, and the same commitment to exploring how technology can and is used to make the world a better place. Whether you’re a returning listener or finding us for the first time, our latest episode with guest, Lucie Doll, is a great place to start. 

Introducing Lucie from Family & Children Services of Tulsa

Lucie Doll is a longtime friend and previous teammate who’s seen every side of social impact work. From experiences in consulting to tech to program, she’s now the program lead for Parenting in Jail, a Family & Children’s Services program that helps parents in prison stay connected to children to help alleviate the impact of parent-child separation that results from incarceration. 

The program helps incarcerated parents connect with their children during visits that can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming. Lucie and her team help parents stay connected with their kids and learn skills to be supportive and reliable parents once they are released. 

Lucie talks with us about the care and emotional vulnerability it takes to succeed in her job, how the wrong technology can slow things down, and how the right technology can help her organization understand and serve its clients better. With access to clear and accurate data that produces valuable insights, technology can help social impact workers reach their goals faster and provide the right kind of care for families.   

Don’t miss this episode’s funny stories and insight into the power of technology to elevate good work. 

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