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Episode 1 of Asemio Decoded | Listen Now

Listen to Asemio Decoded: A Backpack for Harley

The first episode of our new podcast, Asemio Decoded, is officially out! We’re so excited to finally share our conversation with Reverend Jeff Jaynes. This is just the beginning of a series full of inspiring, fascinating guests. Listen now to Episode 1: A Backpack for Harley.

This Week: A Conversation with Reverend Jeff Jaynes

This week, we chatted with one of our partners who started working with us about seven years ago on a custom data system initiative. With great data comes great responsibility, and he has since become a data sharing innovator. Using privacy-protected data sharing practices, he has improved compliance and security protections while getting access to community insights more rapidly than ever before.

Reverend Jeff Jaynes is the Executive Director of Restore Hope Ministries, a nonprofit helping under-resourced families get access to basic needs. Jeff also serves as the President of the AssistOK governance council, a consortium of 15 basic need organizations that work together to coordinate care for their clients. We’ve had the honor of working with both of these entities. We we were so lucky to sit down with Jeff to reflect on the work so far – and what’s ahead.

Talking with Jeff always leaves us feeling inspired, and we know we’re not the only ones that feel that way. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the wicked problems that exist everywhere in the world, but leaders like Jeff are skilled in reminding us that the small pockets of impact we can have are what fuel big change. 

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Since 2013, Asemio has been working at the intersection of software and social good. Our team of technologists and consultants helps organizations, from nonprofits to philanthropy, better serve their communities with innovative, high-quality technology solutions.

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