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Architecting Resilient and Adaptive Communities Through Technological Innovation

All communities grapple with complex social problems that have detrimental effects on the well-being of their populations. One shared goal across problem-solving communities is the ability to improve outcomes for affected populations by increasing interoperability, refining resource alignment, and streamlining community services. Technology is often looked to as a panacea for achieving these systems-level advancements. Here, technology becomes the catalyst that prompts a community to advance its culture, governance, and infrastructure. For technology projects to truly be effective, there must be underlying community-wide principles that guide new initiatives and a framework through which individual stakeholders can weigh the pros and cons of different solution architectures.

This paper details the framework and accompanying principles that can assist communities in moving toward a more aligned, efficient, and interconnected state. We show how these concepts are tools that enable communities to apply successful service design principles to complex social problems, and we offer a case study of an initiative that follows this thinking.

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Since 2013, Asemio has been working at the intersection of software and social good. Our team of technologists and consultants helps organizations, from nonprofits to philanthropy, better serve their communities with innovative, high-quality technology solutions.

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