Asemio is a social enterprise working at the intersection of software and social good. We maximize insight generation for community impact through building technology infrastructure and takes a privacy-first approach to data collaboration.

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Jessica England

Director of Strategy and Partnerships

Jessica England team member headshot for Asemio, a software company in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jessica England, co-founder and Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Asemio, brings over 15 years of tech development and implementation experience in the health and human services sectors. She leverages her expertise to find and implement the best tech solutions for nonprofit and mission-based organizations. In addition to her role at Asemio, she serves on the boards of the Tulsa Literary Coalition and the Urban Coders Guild.

Jess is committed to creating impactful and transformative solutions for Asemio’s clients and the communities they serve. As an English major with an MBA, she brings a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and consultative expertise to her work. She’s dedicated to ensuring that the journey of problem-solving is just as inspiring and generative as the solution itself.

Equally at home in the tech and natural worlds, she’s always on the lookout for innovative ways to build smarter, more resilient digital and environmental ecosystems. Outside the office, you’ll find Jess learning about and supporting conservation efforts, delighting in her garden, and doing her best to inspire others to share in the beauty of the natural spaces around them.

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