Asemio is a social enterprise working at the intersection of software and social good. We maximize insight generation for community impact through building technology infrastructure and takes a privacy-first approach to data collaboration.

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Aaron Bean to Serve on APDU Board of Directors

TULSA, OK – Asemio’s Managing Director and co-founder, Aaron Bean, has been elected to serve a one-year term as a board member-at-large for the Association of Public Data Users (APDU). The Association of Public Data Users (APDU) is a national network where users, producers, and disseminators of public statistical data come together to cultivate relationships […]

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Metaphor for secure data sharing

Secure Data Sharing for Direct Service Providers

“Risk will always be present when it comes to data collection, even if that data never leaves your organization. Instead of trying to eliminate risk, we recommend mitigating risk by combining technology, process, and tools to develop a trust-based culture guided by shared priorities. “

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urban data infrastructure

How To Build Urban Data Infrastructure and Avoid Digital Displacement

The current municipal data landscape bears some resemblance to 1920s New York City.Just as successive waves of immigration led to urban overcrowding, the sheer volume ofdata generated today exceeds most municipalities’ capacity to process, let alone use.According to one estimate, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created everyday. As the democratization of the […]

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Artificial Intelligence and Human

An Interview with Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Mio, Our Artificial Intelligence Robot When we started the Asemio Decoded Podcast, we wanted to showcase some of the innovative technology we work with and decided to bring Mio into the world. Mio is our cheeky, smart, fun AI and is always on standby waiting to answer our questions about life as a machine. […]

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How Tulsa Is Preserving Privacy and Sharing Data for Social Good

Data sharing between organizations addressing social risk factors has the potential to amplify impact by increasing direct service capacity and efficiency. Unfortunately, the risks of and restrictions on sharing personal data often limit this potential, and adherence to regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA can make data sharing a significant challenge. Through the development of […]

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Architecting Resilient and Adaptive Communities Through Technological Innovation

All communities grapple with complex social problems that have detrimental effects on the well-being of their populations. One shared goal across problem-solving communities is the ability to improve outcomes for affected populations by increasing interoperability, refining resource alignment, and streamlining community services. Technology is often looked to as a panacea for achieving these systems-level advancements. […]

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