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New Podcast Announcement: Asemio Decoded

A Technology Podcast with a Dash of Social Impact

Tired of hearing about NFTs and blockchain? Hungry for something a bit more practical and impactful? Asemio Decoded is a new tech podcast that will explore how technology is being used to make the world a better place. Join Asemio’s own Aaron Bean and Jessica England, and a series of impactful community advocates in discussions about how data and tech can help improve community outcomes. Whether you work in direct service, philanthropy, or government—and/or you’re a fellow data nerd— we promise to deliver engaging and thought-provoking dialogue.

From Tech Experts to Podcast Hosts: Aaron Bean and Jessica England

Aaron Bean's Asemio Behind The Scenes

We started this series so that we could feature some of the brightest minds and exciting innovations in the world of tech, data, software development, and social impact that we’ve encountered since our founding in 2013. For ten years we’ve been building custom data systems, connecting software systems, improving reporting processes, implementing community data sharing projects, and applying trusted tech in unique, groundbreaking ways. We believe in the power of storytelling, so what better way to share these stories than through our very own podcast?

A Sneak Peek at the Pod

We’ve worked with all kinds of folks. Some are deep in delivering services to those in need, others are working on technology problems. Some work closely with local communities, while others are working at the national level. 

In this trailer, Aaron and Jess get into our work here at Asemio and what fuels our organization’s passion. Most importantly, they receive a few tips and nuggets of advice from MIO, our friendly robot and advice-giver extraordinaire. 

We’d love for you to join us on the ride as we launch our first series of episodes. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite streaming platform. Keep your eyes peeled for Episode 1 (featuring a special guest and partner) coming out soon!

Watch the trailer below!

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We approach data and technology differently. Asemio uses the latest innovations in software to power social impact across our communities. 

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